Percy Verance.

Percy Verance, is the man who has had the same job for twenty two centuries, well it seems like that to Percy.

Most thinking men know that underpaying the workforce precipitates social inequality. 'the rich get rich' etc.

Percy Verance knew this, he knew all about 'this' without knowing he knew all about 'this'.

What he, Percy Verance did not know was that his problems, and therefore ours, is money or rather the lack of money. Fiat money , this was and is Percy Verance's problem and or curse, this system the currency, which by government decree is legal tender, i.e. that the government guarantees the value of the currency. Today, most monetary systems are fiat money because people use notes or bank balances to make purchases. Fiat money is paper currency or base metal coin, but bank balances and records of credit or debit card purchases are also examples of fiat money.

I had a Fiat and let me tell you, it was fast, uneconomical, expensive to maintain and a great asset to the fiat money chaps. Still it was a fine nay it was a  classic example of the Italian economy. Another example of Italian inginuity is evidenced by the Tower of Pisa