David Roseandpile.

    Roseandpile, David to his friend, was a man of extremes, particularly when, handling other peoples affairs, urinating, & making Money.

    DR. had been born wealthy and got more so as various related Roseandpiles shrugged off their mortal coil. Preferring instead, to listen to the angles (commercial advantages), rather than have to hear another crap Madonna adopted child screeching "I want this", "I want that" & most annoying of all "mother keep your clothes on"

   I myself admire Madonna, not for her singing or flesh exposure, but for having the courage to record that number one hit "Like a Birdbrain".

  Several questions need to be addressed relating to Madonna, questions like, is that mole in your front garden working for the 'others' and why is the world round, or what was the name of Kipling's unknown soldier and where was the battle of the Somme fought. Questioning Madonna is like whistling down the wind or climbing an Esher stair. Henry the Perpetrators gave it a go once, just before he was found to be a total nut case and schizophrenic.