(pronounced 'Ci oot bag')


             The western pole, just over the horizon, is unlike the Eastern pole which was bought by Thompsonís Travel and turned into a tourist attraction.

The Western pole is situated in the west and as stated is just over the horizon, that's your horizon, not mine, I know what's going on, you don't.

    Many famous explorers have lurched for the western pole, this might prompt you to think that the 'Western Pole' is an ale house in Bodmin. If there is an ale house in Bodmin then contrary to common knowledge, you are capable of thinking and this as a matter of course means that you are wrong, for the 'Western Pole' discussed in this article is not the existent or non existent Western Pole in Bodmin. No indeed the 'Western Pole' that is the subject of this article about the 'Western Pole' is the 'Western Pole' that Henry Bormanly failed to reach during the later half of the century that he attempted to reach it  (The Western Pole).

    The challenge of reaching the Western Pole' is of epic proportions yet this challenge merges into insignificance when one compares it to the challenge of having the stamina and stupidity to read this article in its entirety.

 Some people think that enough has been said about the 'Western Pole', I am not one of these 'some people', yet I feel I will be quite soon. As a purveyor of wines words, I use wine to lubricate the creative faculties, I also use wine to get drunk and render the creative faculties un-creative, thus stimulating the need for wine. The point is usually at the sharp end of things, if you have a device that allows you to see the far distance you may be able to observe the point. The point is were the grapes are grown that are used to make the wine that lived in the house that Jack built, correction the point is that these grapes are grown quite near the western Pole.

    When Henry Bormanly's expedition set of to find the Western Pole, Victoria was on the thrown and indeed were it not for the discovery of the beneficial effects of a new wonder drug may still have been there.

(See Beneficial Effects of the New Wonder Drug)

    Henry Bormanly's expedition can be seen circumnavigating the globe, that's the world not the garden tool and theatre owners, unfortunately circumnavigating the globe is a time varying activity, related to the hospitality institutions passed on route. The consequence of this variability is that an accurate time table is not available, however budding enthusiasts of 'Watching Henry Bormanly  Circumnavigate the Globe' can use the 'Railway Train Times Table' this is guarantied to as accurate as 'downright lying' can be.