The Tallest Story in the World.


    The exact size and age of the tallest story in the world is not known, nor are we conversant with the location of the 'tallest story in the world'.

    What is known is that the 'tallest story in the world is quite old, this is evidenced from a translation of some papers found under the sink in the British Museum. These papers are written in an ancient text that can only be decoded by savants with exceptional imaginative powers.

Herein is the academically agreed version of the translation:

"Seek ye the way to the heavens,

And there tread with care each of the steps that lead you to the lord

With each step learn the word that is en'carved into the megalithic tread

Each must be remembered so ye know of the story

As each riser is encountered ye will learn the ways of that ancient story tellers

As ye add each megalithic tread you will ascend toward the sky

Upon completing you journey you will be a great height and be possessing of

The Tallest Story in The world.


    Poglinton & Belcross in their paper relating to myths and legends contend that the above translation is absolute bunkham, arguing that the translation is so fraught with error, the actuality is that the said assault on 'The Tallest Story' would need Jacobs Ladder.

    Smith & Wesson say that Poglinton & Belcross's aim is well off target and they should be punished for such inaccurate  research. Smith goes so far as to claim that  Poglinton & Belcross should be shot, Wesson is much less trigger happy and says he would settle for a good pistol whipping.


    The debate continues as Nation after  Nation produce their own 'authority on historical records' that 'clearly proves' that 'The Tallest Story in the Word' is within the international boundaries of their country. There is some concern in the U. N. that the Americans will form a coalition of American troops and invade everywhere to democratically enforce the American agreement that 'The Tallest Story in the World' is housed in the Sears Building in Chicago Illinois.


    Edger Allen Aesop.