Ladies & Gentlemen it gives me great pleasure to introduce

"The Jarvis Family"

Mrs. Jarvis. 'Dillies'

Mr. Jarvis. 'Spud'

Ms. Jarvis 'Edna'

Mr. Jarvis Jr.

Jarvis 'dog'

Dillies Jarvis, when Dillies is in flower she displays some of the finest aspects of bloomers

Spud Jarvis is a hard working idiot. Like all hard working idiots he works hard

Edna J is actually Miss Named, winner of the who the fuck are you contest.

'Radish McIntire Jarvis' has no known purpose with the exception of being a qualified neck pain.

Dog is Dog

(not to fade away)

This family is the biggest waste of space and money you could ever shake a stick at.

Here is a picture of Cardiff

Just  be thankful you are not there

ps. the Jarvis Family do not live in High Wycombe