TREEM. HOLLOWAY. MEXBOROUGH & BORN, situated at 17th & 4th had several interests registered in the company name.

The activities of T.H.M.B. were highly regarded and although the conduct of one or two of the subsidiary companies would perhaps fail to withstand in depth scrutiny from the IRS. the company and it's holdings were held in good standing.

    Mexborough had originally formed the company as 'Mexborough Investment Holdings' and with some help from Italian investors build a small empire. Mexborough' demise was as a result of his investment in a liquor importing enterprise that specialised in Scotch, he drank himself to death.

The widow Mexborough was quick to realise that 'Mexborough Investment Holdings' was not an easy enterprise to manage and via acquaintances met and offered, at a respectable price, Treem and Holloway a stake in the company.

    Throughout the sixties and seventies the company prospered, expanding into other fields of commerce.

During the same time interval a parallel development took place, this to one Chiperman Born, who rapidly became a doyen of the markets. Chiperman a specialist in commodities noted a weakness in what was then Treem, Holloway & Mexborough. Some of TH & M's diversification was lose and instable creating a situation were devious activities could be conducted without the knowledge of the parent company.

Chiperman with due diligence was able to compile a dossier that had the research become available to the various authorities, Trading Standards etc., Treem, Holloway & Mexborough. would almost certainly become subject to litigation.

Cordial conversations between Treem, Holloway & Mexborough and Born resulted in Born taking a, via one of his own subsidiary holdings a substantial stake in what now became Treem, Holloway, Mexborough & Born.

Born sold his holdings in Treem, Holloway & Mexborough& Born. via the Cayman Island an London to a registered company called Born. The transfer paper relating to this transaction legally established the Cayman Island company 'Born' was the owner of the Treem, Holloway & Mexborough& Born stock, no liability was attributable to Chiperman Born.

Few realised that had Treem, Holloway & Mexborough& Born become subject to inquiry Born could claim and prove that the Born subsidiary company was mealy acting as broker as was the subsidiaries remit.

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